Turkey Decoys

Turkey decoys come in a variety of stances as well as imitations of Toms, Hens and Jakes. They are available in mating pairs, standing, feeding and strutting.

They also are made from a variety of different materials. Turkey decoys may be made of a collapsible foam and come with a plastic peg on which to mount them. They are also carved and may be made of a stiff plastic. I've found the collapsible ones to be the handiest to cart to the field and use.

When looking for a place to mount them, pick a spot that is about 15 to 20 yards from where you will be positioned. They should be in full view of yourself and easily spied by the turkey.

If they are in the open enough and there is a breeze, it will make them more life-like. In lieu of a breeze, a string may be tied to them and carefully concealed. The string may them be used to cause motion when desired in order to better attract wandering turkeys.

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