Turkey Hunting Book Reviews

If you are like me, you read Turkey Hunting Books. I know that I am always on the lookout for any material that might improve my luck - I mean skill. There are lots of great books
out there. Below are a few that I have read, enjoyed and hopefully, picked up a few good pointers for next time out.

So, read my synopsis of the ones I have read and decide if you may want to add one of them to your library. It is always nice to lounge in front of a good fire on a cold winters night and review what some of the experts do to bag their next prize.

Wild Turkey

by Gary Clancy

Gary gives lots of great advice in this book. Gary is hooked on turkey-hunting and has travelled North America in search of the challenging adversary. You may have read or seen him already. He regularly writes, photographs and speaks around the country on this topic. In this book, he covers the whole scope of the wild turkey and the hunt. He starts with the basics of habitat, development, feeding, breeding and nesting. He goes into great detail on required equipment and calls. He leads you through a tippical hunt, talks of some special cases, such as how to coax-in shy birds, and finishes up with some great recipes. He also describes how to preserve your trophy.

This is one you will really enjoy, especially if you are just starting out. Check for it at your local bookstore or library; or even check out an online books seller.

Advanced Turkey Hunting

by Michael Hanback

Michael is no stranger to turkey hunting, having enjoyed the sport for more than 25 years. Living in Virginia with his wife and two sons, he is in the heart of some really great turkey country. As well as a contributing editor to several magazines, he has written several books on turkeys and hunting. You may have also seen him on TV or one of his many hunting videos.

In this book, he has put together the stories of a number of the top turkey hunting experts. They reveal, in their own words, many of their best secrets. People like Jim Clay, Chuck Jones and Will Primos - of Primos Calls - are just a few.

These guys talk about how to locate your gobbler and several ways of how to call them in. He finishes up by relating tales of hunts of the four sub-species and then adds a couple chapters on making a shooting plan and bow hunting.

I know that you will pick up some new techniques here. And I know that you'll be "chomping-at-the-bit" to get out and try them the next time out.

This book is great for expert and novice alike.